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What We Do

After you have devoted your time and effort to creating a piece of research, let Birch ensure that there are no language barriers in your path. Let our experts translate your original work into a different language. We currently offer language translation services in 13+ Indian languages and a few foreign languages too. You can be sure that the translation is accurate and free from errors because we review and double-check everything on our end.

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It is essential for successful professional writers to have an editor to help them fine-tune their work. We have a seasoned team of editors who will nurture and uplift the overall quality of the input content and will help you attain more consistent, correct, accurate, complete and readable output.


At Birch, we understand that data collection and field surveys are the most important step in conducting research and are factors that can influence the outcome of any project significantly. Our team of experts specialise in data collection based on the research question. We provide end-to-end research services for field surveys, data collection, research design, preparation of questionnaires, pre-production pilot research studies, and other research-related needs. From providing research services in both urban and rural areas in all parts of the country of India to connecting you with skilled locals who have a deeper first-hand understanding of the research area, Bhasha Bharat is here to streamline your research project and take you closer to success. Our services also extend to setting up meetings with government and non-government officials to make the process easy for you.


Applied across multiple sectors from business to education, transcription services have replaced dictation. At Birch, we facilitate the dissemination of accurate information by converting all audio and video records to text format with impeccable editing. Our experts ensure that the text output is readable, understandable, and ready-for-use immediately. Our services also extend to the creation of high-quality printing designs and cost-effective printing for all business purposes. We offer transcription services in two primary formats:

  • Word-by-word transcription

  • Structured sentence transcription


Whether you are an author or publisher looking for professional typesetting services in India, Birch India has emerged as one of the most respected and trusted typesetting companies in the country.

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